November 26, 2001
World Cup
Buy Facebook shares Bummer about the football. I didn't watch the game coz I was out in the forest until 3am, and besides, I think out TV only picks up ABC and WIN. Still, we don't need to qualify for the world cup to make soccer "big" in Australia. We just need exposure exposure exposure. Now that Channel 7's got the rights, they'd better bloody start broadcasting some games...and not on C7 either. That's how you get people interested and that's how you move the sport ahead. Unfortunate that we have to rely on television, but that's the 21's for you.
What's Goin' On
Well I found a net cafe in Mt. Gambier. I haven't been into town much, spent most of the time at the hut over in Victoria. The field trip's been pretty good so far; we don't have much chance for a break though. Get up at 10am, do vegetation surveys in the morning, look for feed trees in the afternoon, set the traps, have dinner, do spotlighting/listening for YBG calls, check the traps at midnight, sleep for a few hours, get up at 6 to check the traps again, get a few more hours sleep. Repeat.

We saw the most amazing thing on Saturday night though - the aurora australis. Something I never really thought I'd get to see. And this was pretty bloody spectacular; we'd just finished spotlighting a glider when I looked up at the sky, and commented "hey...the sky's all red" - and we realised what it was. There was a deep crimson band over the southern sky, from east to west horizon, with wavy white beams waving and pulsating across it - you couldn't take your eyes off it. It was obviously pretty abberant, as one of the things I've always read about auroras is that you have to look on a "moonless night" - well the moon was 1/2 full and casting full shadows but the aurora was still clear as day. Incredible. Out.
November 20, 2001
Mild Amusement
Netflix shares Creative: Drew Olbrich - lots of stuff to check out, but frustratingly, almost nothing to actually fiddle with. Give us some downloads! Java apps even.
Poet: John Cooper Clarke, because 3D keep playing his song/poem "Beasley Street".
Connect SA
Connect SA is launch; I'm providing the XML feeds for Soccer results and Adelaide music. I was invited to the launch with Da Prem' but I had to work.
Bill of Rights
A smart little piece for the United Statesians out there; Your newly amended Bill of Rights...there doesn't seem to be much left! Talk about defending democracy and all things held dear...
Land Clearance
Australia moves up another notch on the land clearing shame list; 687,000ha/year, now more than Mexico, making us 5th highest in the world. While Robert Hill sits on his hands and whings "It's the states' problem!". I've seen differential sattelite images - 1990 vegetation subtracted from 2000 vegetation, and there's a big red splotch in south-central Queensland that stands out like nothing else on the map.
November 19, 2001
Election Again
invest in Facebook shares in India Yeah posting heaps, just making up for a lack of posting in the immediate future.

That dumb Liberal goose from Makin would get another three years and a pension. In an interview on the night she couldn’t even pronounce the word “demographic” and I wonder if she has any idea what it means.

Yeah, you go Trish. Are we ever going to get some meaningful Senate results? I'm hanging to hear how many Greens we're going to have.
Falls Fest
I got my ticket to the Falls Festival on the weekend; and it's just got even better. Something for Kate, Snout and The Resin Dogs have joined the lineup. Also, Ken Stringfellow (he of the Posies) is playing. And they haven't even announced the big headliners yet.
Journalistic Integrity
A pathetic, weak editor of a Colorado newspaper apologises for an offensive cartoon that was published. What was so offensive? It features a fighter plane dropping bombs with "Killing Innocent Civilians" and "Starving Millions of Afghans" painted on the side.
Uni Trouble
Adelaide University in financial trouble. Dodgy.